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Excitement mounts as New Jersey Libraries prepare to dig themselves into a hole!   1 comment

Excitement mounts as New Jersey Libraries prepare to dig themselves into a hole!

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                                                                               Kowal atop a crane observing the hole for a library expansion

A quarter of a billion dollars will be spent on updating New Jersey Public Libraries during the next few years and firms like DENNIS KOWAL ARCHITECTS will be there to help repair, renovate and expand them.   During the last grant round, DENNIS KOWAL ARCHITECTS wrote the grant applications for seven libraries and was awarded all of them which resulted in the most combined-library  dollars of any grant writer.

DENNIS KOWAL ARCHITECTS are public library design specialists and prepares the need assessment, building program, library design, cost estimates and grant proposals.  Seen above is the hole that would become the new Livingston Public Library, one of the busiest libraries in the State.

Library design requires extensive investigation of Community Needs because each locale has its own unique population, library borrowing patterns and special requirements.  Focus groups over a period of weeks combined with surveys and interviews are ways to draw out the special requirements and desires of the Community.  Children (below) were asked to draw their favorite part of the library.  Children wanted a dedicated cinema, large murals on the wall and indoor playground furniture in addition to the books and media.

children focus

                                       DENNIS KOWAL ARCHITECTS interviews young library patrons to get design ideas