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NEW LIBRARY TRASHED?  Well, not really.  When the Library Director walked in on the Holi Hindu Colour Celebration conducted in the newly renovated Hoboken Library,  she wondered if the bursts of paint and chalk would ruin the brand new finishes.   DENNIS KOWAL ARCHITECTS designed the Library with the latest technology and materials to withstand flooding from the Hudson River but these choices also made for a durable Program Room that could withstand unanticipated uses!  Kowal commented “It turns out these resilient materials are as useful  for preventing water damage as they are for preventing staining from  festival enthusiasm and craft spills.”                                   library trashed color

The same room after the Holi Festival ready for maker-space use is pictured below.  Note the abundant data and power outlets that surround the perimeter and the overhead broadcast cameras and power outlets.  Latest library design trends include adaptable spaces that quickly convert from tables and chairs to open plan.  The barrel vaults, windows and columns are all original to this historic building which now includes wide-screen cinema projection, video conferencing and multiple lighting scenarios.

program room 2(Above) The space being  used for child motor skill and creativity development;  note the  comfortable floor materials and surroundings.   The acoustics, lighting and sight lines were all designed by DENNIS KOWAL ARCHITECTS to be perfect for concerts, TV broadcasting,  programs and speaker presentations.

Dennis Kowal AIA is a library design specialist and frequent speaker on the topic of library design and trends.  The renovations at the Hoboken Library combine wonderful library service with beautifully conceived spaces to achieve a great patron experience, yet providing flexibility to adapt to new and changing services and delivery.


Posted January 8, 2019 by Dennis Kowal Architects in Historic Preservation, Library

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