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Behind the Scenes at Superbowl XLVIII



All sign kiosks at the MetLIfe Stadium (over one hundred) recently displayed the DENNIS KOWAL ARCHITECTS logo.


DENNIS KOWAL ARCHITECTS is proud to have provided a full scholarship for a young man to go to the NFL training camp.  He is a line-backer hopeful and quite an accomplished student at the same time having just received his Masters degree in Criminal Justice.   DKA routinely helps young students navigate their way with a mix of strategies from providing paid internships to career counseling.  But this is not the only connection DKA has to football.  DKA designed a new football stadium for the College of New Jersey (see below) and recently sponsored an event at MetLife Stadium; home of Superbowl XLVIII.

.photo 2a

Facility Mangers from around the tri-state area convened in the famous Giants-Jets Coaches Club under a virtual digital banner of DKA logos and photos of the office’s work.  DKA was an official sponsor of the night and the large television monitors displayed their name.

photo 3

The secret and locked slow motion replay studio feeds the referees the plays under review.  It is connected by miles of cable trays and adjacent to an on-site State Police station.  The DKA logo even showed on one of the official re-play monitors.

photo 4a

The famous tunnel connects the playing field with the Locker Rooms under the stadium.  The artificial turf has underfield drainage and can be quickly pulled up in sections;  all logos and team names are easily switched between the Jets and the Giants.  Poor compaction during construction required some of the deeply buried drainage piping to be re-excavated  and reset.  All of the turf was replaced for Superbowl XLVIII.


photo 5

The MetLIfe Stadium has full emergency services including x-ray and emergency power.  DKA in association with AJP designed the new football stadium for The College of New Jersey including the impressive floating pier Press/VIP Suites and Team Concession Stands.

DENNIS KOWAL ARCHITECTS researched the design for the College of New Jersey Football stadium by visiting stadiums in New Jersey and Philadelphia.  Sport fans can become animated.   Special designs for the public restrooms included prevention measures similar to prison design that could prevent angry fans from destroying property.     The stands were reinforced to prevent dynamic sway and the Press Box floats on concrete piers to limit unauthorized access.



Visitors to the MetLIfe Stadium are greeted by multiple sign kiosks displaying the DKA logo. 

DKA designs visually pleasing yet functional sport complexes


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