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Designing a home is like finding the right music.  The tempo, orchestration, lyrics, and mood of your favorite music can lift you up, hang peacefully in the background, bring life to your party or accent a major event.   Imagine if your home was like listening to someone else’s playlist over and over.   A home design that resonates with the very lifestyle and movements of its occupants becomes a harmonic experience where each improves the other.  At Dennis Kowal Architects, we shape the home, land and interior design to complement the way you live.

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DENNIS KOWAL ARCHITECTS designs homes that fit your lifestyle

Posted March 11, 2015 by Dennis Kowal Architects in Residential

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Timeless House Design


Shakespeare in Love!  This English-cottage inspired design greets guests with a two-story rotunda and curved staircase tower.  Creeping ivy, steep-sloped roofs, bay windows, low eaves and a meandering walk create a small scale charm for this 7,500 square foot home.

When you travel for a living, a welcoming home provides a much needed grounding.  With a picturesque exterior and a timeless interior, the owners desired a setting to host dinner parties, display their art,  write books and fit an extensive collection of antique furniture.  “We designed a place, not just a house.  Building and land blend seamlessly creating a constantly unfolding experience of new, intimate and relaxed spaces inside and out.” said Kowal of his design that puts equal emphasis on landscape, contours, architecture and natural light.

Exterior Details

A garden path to a second private entrance allows guest-authors to stay in their own Wing and work on their books without interruption.  The L-shaped house features a four-car carriage house with a second floor office for this national speaker, writer and consultant.

While most contemporary homes are designed on the open plan, forcing movement through a room to access the next room, the open plan in this home is paralleled with delightful walkways lined with art, orchids and natural light at the crossings.  Guests, hosts or caterers can circumnavigate the occupied rooms when necessary and then enjoy the open arrangements at other times.  “The experience is like wandering through forest chases and arriving at welcoming, open groves along the way”.

house interiorsred

Interiors feature thickened masonry walls and arches to bring permanence and solidity to this design while playful small interior openings between some rooms present pre-designed views of nature, natural light and displays.  An interior art gallery and library ends in a two story apse bathed in natural light and second floor views from above.

Site, style, scale, and the lifestyle of the occupants all combine to achieve a master plan for living with nature and retreating from the hassles of airports, highways and business.  Several different groups can be in the same house and not interrupt one another but the centrality of the floor plan and the overlooking second floor interior balconies brings everyone together when desired.  Exterior walkways, terraces, docks and covered spaces, all designed by DENNIS KOWAL ARCHITECTS, provide leisurely connections to the land and waterways.  The perfect author’s retreat!


DENNIS KOWAL ARCHITECTS designs homes that resonate with their environment and the people that use them.

Posted February 20, 2015 by Dennis Kowal Architects in Residential